Meet Zjajah Creation

Handmade custom clothing and accessories 

Zjajah creation was inspired by her African heritage and ethnic belief.  Zjajah Creation is a fashion line founded by Ms. Zaina Jajah in Boston, Massachusetts in USA. A self taught designer
Born in Accra Ghana in the 90’s of the Gonja Tribe in the northern Region of West Africa.  Attended Labone High School, Ghanatta College of Design & Art, Elite Nursing Academy, Washtenaw Community College for Nursing.
Her passion as a child was to become a designer of clothing but due to circumstances beyond her control She directed in the path of becoming a Nurse. Many African women can relate to family desires. She worked at Nyho Hospital in Accra as a Nurse for a couple of years until She migrated to the United States in 2013. 
In America She attended College to meet the American standards for Nursing. As her passion for designing grew stronger, She made a bold and significant career choice and moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Boston, Massachusetts so that She could apply and attend School of Fashion Design.  Employment ranged from Nursing in Africa to Health Care, Fast Food and Home Depot in America, but She found that if you never pursue your dreams in any small way possible, then you haven’t lived the full potential of your life on this earth.
She show case her first collection “BEAUTY & PRIDE “ in Boston with Josefa Da Silva in August, 2017 and also featured in BFW kick off with Ann Maven same year.
Her 2018 Spring/Summer collection “SS#18 BORESAH “ gained a fashion recognition in IFASHION Magazine for NYFW in February,2018. At the World Trade Center in New York City.
Her vision and continuing practice as a Designer is to share all of my experiences, skills, knowledge, abilities and dreams to others in the attempt to see a smiley face. If she haven’t done this practice, then She didn’t serve this earthly existence well.  Yes, it is true that She has a business to make wages, but some of what She make goes to feed children in her home town where She grew and given back to the community. Dreams are what molded this world and it’s never too late for the pursuit of your love and passion.
“ Present I am designing and manufacturing clothing and accessories for everyone from newborn to the old at cost affordable to everyone. What makes me happy is giving someone that special excitement of what they dreamed of wearing.”